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Detect Fake Silver on the Fly

Don't get scammed, Chinese counterfeits are on the rise!

With laser-cut dies and correct weight and sizes, it is now near impossible to identify fake silver coins from the real ones.

Don't throw your hard-earned money away!

These counterfeits are showing up on Ebay and even large bullion dealers.

The magnetic slide detects fake silver through an 'intrinsic property' known as diamagnetism. This produces an effect called the Eddy Current Brake.

Check it out how it works & watch the video below:

Want a really cool way to detect fake silver coins even junk silver?

Introducing the Magnetic Slide!

Magnetic Slide

Since I've had interest, I'd like to offer this to the Silver Community for $50 flat

This includes free shipping in the US.

It really is lots of fun, I find myself 'sliding' silver all the time :)

Get in touch if you have any questions, if you want one click Buy Now
Texas customers will be charged a local sales tax

out of Stock
Should have some back in stock in about 3 weeks

First I would like to thank you for building such a wonderful silver testing slide. I just purchased $2,000 worth of silver coins and OMG this slide played a nice part of verifying my coins. I am absolutely sure that it would have cost me more money and time if I tried to build this slide myself. So two thumbs up!

John Fan - Alpharetta, Georgia

Just recieved it. Works great. Thank you for the fast shipping. I have already recommended checking out your website to several of my coin collecting friends.

Joseph - Chula Vista, California

Works great. Awesome product. I am very happy to have it. Great price!!!

Antonia - Hollywood, Florida

I ordered the Magnetic Slide and you built it and had it shipped to my house really super fast. I am really impressed at how well this tool works and how fun it is to use. I find your website very helpful and informable. Thanks for doing a great job of helping us other guys.

Chris - Copperopolis, California

The Force is strong with this one ...

John - Flagstaff, Arizona

I love the slide. My friend used it on a slick Morgan he was concerned since it was about a gram light. Went down nice and smooth, I love the sound it makes as it glides down. I look forward to sending more silver down the slide when I get home from my trip.

Steven - St. Paul, Minnesota

Watched your demo on YouTube. Was still a little skeptical. Had just bought 6 morgan silver dollars on Ebay from China. They looked real but something just didn't feel right. Decided to try your slide. Worked just like it did on YouTube.All 6 were counterfeit. Went ahead and checked all the rest of my collection. They're all good. Would have lost more than the slide cost. Thanks for a super product. Who would have thought!!!

Larry - Charleston, West Virginia

I felt pretty secure on eBay until I saw one dealer OPENLY selling a counterfeit 5 Peseta coin there with the slogan "to fill in the holes/gaps" (English translation) The coin looked extremely authentic and the fact if there's one, there are A LOT of them out there, made me feel extremely insecure about all the silver pesetas I had bought on eBay. So I saw the Silver Slide and I decided to give it a chance-skeptical though I was. It arrived today and I immediately tested a silver US dime with a current 'sandwich' US dime. The slide works EXACTLY as advertised and I've been testing all of my newly eBay-purchased silver coins. Happy to say I've not yet found a 'ringer'. Thanks, Dave!

Chad - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thanks for the "silver slide". Until I saw your online video, I did not realize that silver was affected by a magnetic field. I received my slide in 3 days. It was built and works exactly as described in your video. I told another silver interested friend about it and he also did not realize these (magnetic) facts about silver. I am extremely pleased with my new slide. It will continue to assist me in verifying the authenticity of my silver for a long time to come. Thanks so much!

Rod - Camanche, Iowa

out of Stock
Should have some back in stock in about 3 weeks

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