Buy & Sell Gold & Silver in Washington DC – Local Coin Shops

Washington DC Flag Washington DC is our nation’s capital and is home to the US government. More formerly named the District of Columbia, this region is under complete jurisdiction of congress and is not part of any state. Both states of Maryland and Virginia which border DC, donated the land to create the District. Housing our center of government it also contains many foreign embassies. It is an extremely dense and populous region, and because of that many silver and gold dealers and opened up shop to serve the community.

Where you Can Buy/Sell Gold & Silver in Washington DC

There are many places and shops to sell your silver and gold. Being able to buy precious metals in person with cash gives you a feeling of security and privacy. There is also no stress of worrying about shipping. So take a look below at some of the local coin shops we have listed on where to buy & sell gold or silver in Washington DC!

Popular Local Coin Shops in Washington DC

Bonanza Coins Gold & Jewelry

Bonanza Coins Bonanza Coins, Gold, and Jewelry is a prominent coin dealer in Silver Spring, Maryland serving Baltimore and Washington DC for over 50 years! The owner Julian Leidman is an avid coin collector and holds both NGC and PCGS memberships as well as is a ANA member in the numismatic world. He has even helped contribute to the famous Red Book of Coins that comes out every year. Your in good hands if you’re looking to buy or sell your coins so come on by and have a look at their showroom.

940 Wayne Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 585-1480

Maryland Stamps & Coins

Maryland Stamps & Coins Located in Bethesda, MD, Maryland Stamps & Coins is a full service retail shop waiting to serve you for any stamps or coins you would like to purchase or sell. Opened in 1963 be Herman Most, this little coin shop is an active buyer in bullion, rare coins, as well as any and all kinds of stamps. If you’re looking to sell they are always ready to give you a free quote and fill up their stock.

7720 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 5
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
(301) 654-8828

Capital Coin & Stamp Company

Capital Coin In the heart of Washington DC just north of the Washington Monument, you will find this quaint but famous coin shop. They cover all the basics of gold, silver, and platinum as well as offer a wide selection of political memorabilia such as Bill Clinton’s cufflinks or George Bush’s signing pen. If you’re a political junkie you should take the time to swing by here and check out some of the items in their showroom. Verbal appraisals are free of charge, but if you want a written appraisal it is $150/hour.

1100 17th St NW #7
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-0400

If you’re a local coin shop or dealer in Washington DC and would like to be listed, just get in touch.

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