Buy & Sell Gold & Silver in Massachusetts – Local Coin Shops

Massachusetts Flag Nicknamed the Bay State or the Cod Fish state, Massachusetts is one of the most densely populated areas in all of the US with metro areas like Boston and Springfield. There is a significant cultural and historical presence such as Harvard University founded in 1636 in Boston, Plymouth rock still out at bay near Plymouth Harbor, the Salem witch trials, and the most famous preacher in American history Jonathan Edwards pastor out of NorthHampton. There are many notable and prestigious coin shops and precious metal dealers eager to do business, especially in the capital city of Boston.

Where you Can Buy/Sell Gold & Silver in Massachusetts (MA)

Discover where to buy or sell gold and silver in MA in the top 10 cities below:

  • Local coin shops in Boston, MA
  • Local coin shops in Worcester, MA
  • Local coin shops in Springfield, MA
  • Local coin shops in Cambridge, MA
  • Local coin shops in Lowell, MA
  • Local coin shops in Brockton, MA
  • Local coin shops in Quincy, MA
  • Local coin shops in New Bedford, MA
  • Local coin shops in Fall River, MA
  • Local coin shops in Lynn, MA

Popular Local Coin Shops in Massachusetts

Coin Exchange Inc.

Coin Exchange Serving the surrounding community for over 30 years, Coin Exchange Inc. operates out of Springfield, MA. They are alqways looking to add to their collection and deal in rare coins, collectibles, gold and silver bullion, foreign coins, paper currency, fine watches as well as sports cards or other memorabilia. If you have any valuables that you would like to sell, they are kind to offer a free verbal quote with no obligations. You can take a look at their website to view a sample inventory, but will need to driver over to the coin shop and see their showroom for the full selection of inventory.

524 Allen St
Springfield, MA
(413) 732-7839

Kenmore Collectibles

Kenmore Collectibles Originally starting out as a sports cards collectible shop, over the years the owners, Mike Gill and Peter Leventhal, finally opened their shop up to precious metals and coins. The treat all customers with respect, honesty, and integrity, and always give a first-class experience to all visitors to their coin store. They buy and sell gold and silver coins and bullion, paper money, and of course sports cards and sports memorabilia. Located in Kenmore plaza, it is a convenient walk from Fenway Park the next time you see the Boston Redsox play, stop on by!

466 Commonwealth Avenue #103
Boston, MA
(617) 482-5705

Boston Bullion

Boston Bullion If you’re looking for straight gold and silver bullion, Boston Bullion is the place you want to visit. Recently opened back in 2006, they primarily deal in bullion products actively buying and selling to the community. Their inventory includes gold coins, gold bars, as well as fractional gold, silver coins & silver bars, and tombstone bars. They also own and operate an online site where they have live buy prices for gold and silver if you’re looking to sell for cash. For example, they will buy American Silver Eagles from you for spot price + $1.

101 Cambridge St #280
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 710-8419

If you’re a local coin shop or dealer in Massachusetts and would like to be listed, just contact me.

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