Buy & Sell Gold & Silver in Louisiana – Local Coin Shops

Louisiana Flag Louisiana, also known as the Bayou state, is the only state in the Union to adopt parishes, or local governments similar to counties. This state has been greatly influenced by the Mississippi river and the delta it has formed over the years leaving lots of coastal marshes and swamplands. This state is home to Cajuns, Mardi Gras, savannas, and swamps. 3 cities have earned the reputation to being the Buggy, Frog, and Crawfish capital of the world. With little to no prospecting or mining here, visiting your local coin shops or precious metal dealers are the way to go to buy and sell for cash.

Where you Can Buy/Sell Gold & Silver in Louisiana

Below are the top 10 cities in LA, that you can sell your gold or silver for cash & buy physical as well.

  • Local coin shops in New Orleans, LA
  • Local coin shops in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Local coin shops in Shreveport, LA
  • Local coin shops in Lafayette, LA
  • Local coin shops in Lake Charles, LA
  • Local coin shops in Kenner, LA
  • Local coin shops in Bossier City, LA
  • Local coin shops in Monroe, LA
  • Local coin shops in Alexandria, LA
  • Local coin shops in New Iberia, LA

Best Local Coin Shops in Louisiana

Gold Exchange LLC

Gold Exchange LLC If you want to do business face-to-face with precious metals Gold Exchange LLC is the spot in Lafayette, LA you want to visit. They sell a variety of government bullion, gold and silver coins, junk silver, bars, and other numismatic coins and collectibles. They are actively buying any and all gold and platinum scrap metal, jewelry used or broken, flatware and sterling, diamonds, 90% silver. They currently have 2 locations, besides the Lafayette store, they also have one in Lake Charles.

1812 W Pinhook Rd #202
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 235-9901

Louisiana Gold & Coins

Louisiana Gold & Coins In historic Baton Rouge lies a respected coin dealer Louisiana Gold & Coins. Their inventory includes all 4 precious metals of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as collectible coins, and complete sets. This shop is also actively and aggressively buying to meet customer demand and to round out their inventory. Unlike pawn shops or brokers they are able to offer competitive and premium prices on any metal you wish to sell for cash. Before you sell to that pawnbroker stop on by and check out this coin shop.

5525 S Sherwood Forest Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 292-1615

Causeway Coin Company

Causeway Coin One of the most trusted and honest dealers in New Orleans is Causeway Coin Company located on De Gaulle Drive. They both buy and sell all types of valuables and precious metals; gold, silver, platinum, rare foreign and US coins, fine watches, sterling, jewelry, diamonds, physical bars, and estate heirlooms. When you are looking to sell any old gold jewelry you have but are unsure of the gold content, bring it in to see their ‘Gold Gun’. This analyzer will determine the exact amount of gold in any object giving you the best and to price for your jewelry. In business for over 30 years, once a customer always a customer with Causeway Coin.

2940 General De Gaulle Dr
New Orleans, LA
(504) 368-2646

Are you a local coin shop or gold dealer in Louisiana and want to be listed, just contact us.

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