Buy & Sell Gold & Silver in Delaware – Local Coin Shops

Delaware Flag If you live in Delaware you can be proud as it was the first state to ratify the Constitution. This document would give the individual states the sole right to use gold and silver coin as tender for payment. Silver used as money in the US has a fascinating history. Although quite a small state, just ranking behind Rhode Island, it is a very wealthy one. State law here is very tax-friendly towards businesses as well as trusts. Because of this, it makes a great place to purchase gold or silver bullion as there are many dealers here ready to strike a deal. Before you buy online, check out some of the local coin shops below.

Where you Can Buy/Sell Gold & Silver in Delaware

Below is a list of the top 5 cities where you can buy sell your gold or silver locally and in person for cash.

  • Local Coin Shops in Wilmington, DE
  • Local Coin Shops in Dover, DE
  • Local Coin Shops in Newark, DE
  • Local Coin Shops in Middletown, DE
  • Local Coin Shops in Smyrna, DE

Popular Local Coin Shops in Delaware

Atlantic Precious Metals

Ron Miller Located in the small town of Lewes, DE, Atlantic Precious Metals is run by Ron Miller to serve families and the local community in acquiring bullion for the first time. They also cater to high net worth individuals to help them diversify into precious metals. Ron is a strong advocate for Austrian Economics and you will find a trusted friend in talking finance and silver with him. If you’re looking for alternatives for your IRA, they offer precious metals IRA which allows you to store physical bullion in your IRA.

20444 Mall Center Way
Lewes, DE 19958
(302) 556-5276

Diamond State Coins & Currency

Diamond State Coins This ship is always open and consistently buys gold and silver bullion, currency, jewelry, sterling silver, medals, as well as numismatic coins. They are also interested in your scrap gold or silver especially old jewelry that is no longer wanted. If you’re loo0king to sell they have current buy prices listed right on their website for you to see before you drive out to the shop. In business for over 13 years, they are located in Wilmington, DE with a stones throw of Starbucks.

1705 Marsh Road
Wilmington, DE
(302) 478-6902

First State Coins

First State Coin Dover’s local coin shop, First State Coin has been proudly serving the community with friendly customer service and top prices for over 40 years. Active in both buying and selling precious metals, they tend to focus on US coins, foreign coins, medals, tokens, as well as jewelry and sterling silver. They also carry the standard bullion coins Silver & Gold Eagles. These guys are an authorized Mint dealer so be sure to stop by if you’re in Dover, DE.

53 Greentree Dr
Dover, DE
(302) 734-7776

If you have a coin shop or are a bullion dealer in Delaware and would like to be listed, just get in touch.

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