Buy & Sell Gold & Silver from Local Coin Shops

Looking for local coin shops on where you can buy or sell gold & silver? I’m on a quest to compile the most comprehensive directory for local gold and silver dealers all across the US in all 5o states! Each state has a list of cities to identify the shop or dealer nearest you. To begin just click a state below.

Remember about Sales Taxes Locally

The only downside when you plan on buying gold or silver from a local coin shop is that you will have to pay state sales taxes. This extra cost can really push the premium above and beyond a price you may not be comfortable with. Buying precious metals online avoids all of this (consult a tax professional).

That said, buying or selling locally allows you to pay/receive in cash and get instant delivery as well as no shipping cost! So make your decision wisely. Be sure to read our buying silver guide if this is your first time purchasing silver or precious metals. Read and explore your options if you’re looking to sell silver for cash. Investing in gold or silver bullion is a wise choice you will not regret!