17 Amazing Hand Poured Silver Bars & Ingots

Hand Poured Silver For silver stackers, there’s nothing like hand poured silver bars to marvel at. A freshly poured bar or ingot with a nice hand stamp will really stand out from all your plain old bullion coins.

If you don’t own any hand poured silver ingots, it’s one of those pieces that you can put on your desk to remind you the value of silver! Plus, they make great conversation starters as everyone who sees it will ask, “Where did you get that?!”

So I scoured the web and found 17 unique designs of hand poured silver bars, ingots, bullion, loafs, and a few other interesting objects. Enjoy!

1. 1 oz. bar from Atlantis Mint

It is only fitting to start off with the Atlantis Mint. A family-owned and run private business, these guys put out some beautiful hand-poured bars from 5 grams up to 10 troy ounces. They even offer a wooden treasure chest to put your silver bullion in, how nice!
Atlantis Mint Hand Poured Silver

2. 3 oz. Three-leaf clover from Bison Bullion

Yes, poured silver ingots comes in all different shapes & sizes. At Bison Bullion there is no shortage of creativity, as you will find some of the most unique and detailed hand poured silver bars for sale coming from Bison. Many of their bars and objects come Satin Toned Finished, which give it that smooth old and rustic look.
Bison Bullion Hand Poured

3. 1 (ounce) Hand Poured Silver Ingot

You don’t have to be a private mint to hand-pour silver. These 1 ounce silver bars are a rare beauty and fun to hold! Produced by militarychad on Ebay.

4. Texas 3.6 oz Silver Bar

Texas, Our Texas, this 3.6 ounce silver bar is produced by Hac Precious Metals. They also produce a California and Nevada shaped state bars. If you’re a resident of the Lone Star state you need to pick one up. Show your support!
Texas Silver Poured Bar

5. Silver Skull

I have to say the detail on this silver skull is amazing! Although not exactly ‘hand-poured’ this is more of hand casted silver, but who is complaining? The lower jaw is even articulated that you can move up and down. The creator of this cool artwork is reddit user Guiller67. He also makes other pieces of fine hand poured silver that he sells. I’m jealous…
Silver Skull

6. Monarch 2 oz Silver Bar

Monarch Precious Metals is a classic mint, hand-pouring all of their silver to give it that old rustic look. They offer bars from 1 oz. all the way to 100 troy ounces. This 2 oz. has a nice rounded shape to give it a ‘tombstone’ look, instead of the common square bar.
Monarch Hand Poured Silver

7. Silver Tombstone Nugget

Continuing with the ‘Tombstone’ theme, the Scottsdale Mint answered and produced a 5 oz., 10oz., and 1 Kilo silver nugget. Wow, these look fun to hold and stack. These pieces represent the history and folklore of Tombstone, Arizona and Ed Schieffelin, who discovered the silver mines in the Arizona Territory.
Silver Nugget Tombstone

8. Silver Pistol Gun 7 oz

Beautifully crafted hand poured silver pistol gun by none other than Bison Bullion. At 7 troy ounces, this little gun would be awesome to hold in your hand. They must have a detailed and unique mold for this, as you can see from the back that it appears to be poured silver. Who else wants one?
Silver Pistol Gun

9. Round Silver Loaf Metals

These loafs are poured, sanded, and polished by Silver Loaf Metals out of New Jersey. Hand stamped with a mining cart, pick, and track. Great for stacking and not the common shape of silver bars. You can pick these up over at Palmetto State Bullion.
Round Silver Loaf

10. Hemp Leaf 1 oz. silver bar

Beautifully poured 1 ounce silver bar with a hemp leaf stamp. This fine bar is hand poured and stamped by South West Paradise Silver Bullion, check out their Ebay store for other cool silver pours.
Hemp Leaf Silver Bar

Below is another product from South West Bullion. This mini 2 ounce bar mimics the look of the larger 50 and 100 ounce silver bars. on Ebay. This silver ingot for sale is made from the finest silver, hand polished to give it a nice shine. Would make a lovely addition to my office desk!
2 ounce silver ingot

11. ED Marshal Refiners

A truly old-fashioned hand poured silver ingot from E.D. Marshall Refiners. This beauty looks like it was just pulled from the earth weighing in at 5 ounces. I couldn’t find any info on this refinery and the image comes courtesy of Ken Conaway. These are some of the forgotten silver bars of the US…
5 ounce silver ingot

11. Silvertowne Hand Poured Silver Bar

Very nice looking silver poured bar from Silvertowne a leader in coins, bars, and precious metals. This bar really stands out with its distinct finish. Not like the 1 or 2 ounce bars, a 5 ounce bar such as this one will have a deeper base giving it that loaf style look we all enjoy!
Silvertowne Hand Poured Bar

12. ARRR shiver me timbers ingot

Silver and pirates will always have a connection, due to Long John Silver and Treasure Island. A lot of private custom made bars will feature skulls, bones, and pirates. Ebay user, silverxgold is no exception. This hand poured bar has a skull & bones, a pirate ship, and the word pirate stamped on the bar.
Pirate Silver Bar

13. hand poured silver star

This is a nice polished hand poured silver star coming in at 3 ounces. Produced by Yeager’s Poured Silver, they have a variety of 3D silver products; turtles, skulls, pyramids, etc … This silver star even comes serialized with a unique number.
Star Poured Silver

Here is another cool hand poured silver ingot, a dog bone! This 2 oz. silver ingot is hand poured into a doggy bone with FIDO stamped on one side! So if you have a canine that needs something to chew on, get him this silver dog bone!
Dog Bone Silver Ingot

14. Silver Square Ingot 3 oz

This 5g beauty is distributed by ebay user biker885. Great looking loaf that packs a punch in its small-size.

15. Poured Silver Rounds

Like rounds that are not coins and are hand poured? Check out these silver poured rounds minted by Vulture Peak Mines from Arizona. This is a family run mining business that also offers bars, coins, and smooth round loafs.
Vulture Peak Silver Poured Rounds

16. Prospector’s Gold & Gems Silver Bars

These are stunning 1oz. hand poured silver bars. They offer 1,2,3,4,5, 10, and 100 oz bars. These are classic hand poured bars with a satin finish to really make them beautiful. Produced by Prospector’s Gold & Gems hailing from Fort Collins Colorado. Picking up one of these is a must for any serious silver stacker!
Prospector Hand Poured Silver

17. Engelhard 3 oz Hand Poured Silver Bar

This list wouldn’t be complete without a silver bar from Engelhard. Probably the most popular name in the silver industry for silver bars. Once a fortune 500 company coming from New Jersey, they no longer manufacture silver & were bought by German BASF, a chemical corp. in 2006. Most major bullion dealers offer Engelhard bars for sale.
Engelhard Silver Bars

While we all love to maximize our silver holdings ounce for ounce, it wouldn’t hurt to go out and buy hand poured silver bars or ingots to showcase to your family and friends. Carrying around a 1 ounce Prospector’s & Gems bar or a 5 gram silver round from Vulture Peak Mines will really turn some heads. Honestly after writing this post, I already have a wish list for which ones I’m going to buy next!

So tell me which one was your favorite??


  1. Burl says:

    Interested in purchasing silver. Please let me know if we can work something out. Thank you.

  2. Ricky Daughtry says:

    Looking for rough cut hand poured silver bars or ingots.,something small to start with thanks Ricky

  3. LaMar Kemp Jr. says:

    Sir: I am new to old Silver Bars and would really enjoy learning more about the unique and rare ones (when they were made .. how rare etc.). Do you possibly have or know where I can find books on this??
    Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Tuei says:

    As a large investment go futures/etf’s. Far less cost to own as it has no premiums over spot or shipping. for its appreciation. Although gains made with physical could be kept low-key, keep in mind it must only rise that much more to match your premiums and expenses acquiring + selling. I find the physical bid/ask spread very harsh as there is the margins of a small business for you to support come action time.

    I love junk silver though. So often you can purchase it at a fraction of its worth from sellers who deal in things not metal markets or find it in your pockets. If you wish to buy coins stay far away from American Eagles. The “collectors” premium is crazy for its comparatively low purity when you can pick up 999 all day long until your cash runs out for spot through Europe and Asia. I assume everything in this article has a 300-400% mark up for craftsmanship also. It’s pretty, but know whats prettier. A wall of silver bricks and buckets of coins to swim through like the poor mans Money Bin.

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