11 Facts About Silver Bernanke Won’t Say

1. Silver has been used as money for over 2,000 years

Silver has been used in coinage for thousands of years even more so than gold! As a precious metal, it has been recorded that it was discovered as a mining metal circa 4,000BC in the Mesopotamia region near Turkey.  Silver first began circulating as coins around ~2,500 years ago in Lydia.  Image is a silver coin drachm used in early 400 B.C.

Silver Drachma Coins

2. Silver means money in 14+ languages

The word silver and money are basically interchangeable in over 14+ languages. So Benny is silver money?


3. Silver is fabricated in over 10,000 industrial applications

Photography, medical uses, best conductor of electricity, solar panels and demand continues to rise with the increase in technology. The applications in the tech and medical industries are endless. Check out the article 101 uses of silver in everyday life!

Silver Solar Panel

4. Silver can be used to purify water

That is right, due to its antimicrobial properties, silver has been used to purify water for centuries. In early Rome and Greece, silver containers were used to keep water pure. When settlers moved from East to West across the US, they would purify a flask of water by putting a silver coin in it overnight. They would also put silver coins in milk containers to keep them from spoiling. Just one of the amazing facts about silver!

purify water with silver

5. Silver has had double digit gains in 7 of the last 10 years

The bull market in silver is just getting started! Buy silver coins and silver bullion now, don’t miss out!

Silver Chart

6. 25 cent gas, 1 silver quarter will roughly buy 1 gallon of gas

Pre-1965 quarter silver coins contain ~.18 ounces of silver in them. At a price of $20, one silver quarter is worth $3.60, enough to buy a gallon of gas in most states.

Silver Quarter

7. Physical Gold/Silver ratio is 17:1

According to geologists, there are 17 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold or a ratio of 17:1. The current ratio is roughly 60:1. If the true ratio were reflected in price, considering equals amounts of capital were going into both metals, the price of silver should be $73 at $1250 gold…

Silver Mine

8. Silver is common man’s gold

As precious metals continue to rise in price, gold is often too expensive for the average person to buy, thus they look to buy silver.

Gold & Silver Coins

9. The silver market is tiny

With only $3-4 billion spent on silver as an investment, this market is a drop in the bucket compared to others. When the move to precious metals as money comes to the public, the price of silver will enter a wormhole into intergalactic space!

Tiny Puppy

10. The average fiat currency last only 30 years

All currencies eventually go to their intrinsic value of ZERO. Since the beginning of time this has been true. The question is when will the paper dollar end and when will physical gold and silver coins come back?

Zimbabwe Currency

11. You can’t print silver Q.E.D.

All nations around the world are printing their currency to gain an export advantage. Since Bernanke has been chair, he has printed over 6 trillion dollars and currently prints $85 billion/month in his legendary QE3. To infinity and beyond!

Printing Money


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    I like silver as an investment, it’s a great way to diversify yourself from the inflation and falling dollar. Also I’ve invested some in Bitcoin and other altcoins, hopefully one of these will all pay off 🙂

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