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Super Slow Shipping. Coins arrived slightly damaged.

I placed an order for 5 statue of liberty head rounds and a Canadian maple leaf. A week went by and I had no order confirmation. I sent them an email and got a reply stating that they had gotten my order. I assume that after a week that my order would be on its way. I sent them an email asking for tracking info and was told that my order hadn't been shipped and that it took 8-10 days for them to ship. On the 10th day I sent them another email asking if it had been shipped. They replied that it was 8-10 business days before they shipped out and that they were waiting my Maple leaf to come in. I don't see why you would list something for sale that you don't have. I had placed and received two orders from other places while waiting for this one. I was starting to think I had been scammed when I finally got a shipping notification. The rounds took longer than the estimate stated. Three of the coins where damaged on arrival. I won't be ordering again there are better places to do business with.

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