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Customer service after the sale not so good this time.

Incorrect order and lack of service once there is an error.
I ordered 25 Canadian silver maple leafs. They come from the mint in yellow top 25 count. What was delivered was 25 silver eagles. A green 20 count and five loose coins. I called and told what I got. The young lady had to check what to do and would call me back later that day or next morning. Three days past. Since I had heard nothing I figured they did not want to exchange or do anything. I would just move on, keep the Silver Eagles not bother to call back so trashed all the original packing material and figured I was done with SD Bullion forever. Three days later I received a call. First was told she tried to call me but no answer. In these days of cell phones on our hips, good quality caller ID and voice mail I dislike being lied to. Three days in customer service is an eternity.
Her best resolution was that I was to send her a check for the wrong silver eagles they sent me and then they would send me the correct order. Her goal was the additional sale. I did not want to send more money to the company that just got my order wrong and to the young lady that so easily lied to me just moments earlier. I had paid by check for the check discount. I offered to do this if I paid by credit card and they waved the credit card fee. At least I would have the protection of the credit card on the second order. My second choice was that I could pack this stuff up and send back to them and hope they would get it right the next time. Ok send me a pre-paid package and I will put it in. We don’t do that. OK I deal with some computer companies, walk into FedEx or UPS store with a number they pack and ship company has an account with them and I pay nothing. We don’t do that. SD Bullion does not pay shipping on returns. At this point she was going to place me on hold to talk to someone else, I told her I was on my way to an appointment and did not have time. I stayed on hold for about 3 to 5 minutes until I got to my appointment. Never heard any more from them.
The reality is the mistake was minor financially. 1 ounce silver eagle to a 1 ounce Canadian silver maple leaf. The difference was less than $1 per coin less than $25 in my favor. When she was placing me on hold I told her that I wasn’t interested in the time it was going to take to package and have two shipping cost. And they should leave it as is.
The only downside is I really wanted Silver Maples, my grandson liked the looks. Now I will buy them someplace else and they will cost me more since the spot price is up. All because someone at SD with the initials MT did not take enough interest to fill the order correctly. They lose a customer and if in fact they do have the lowest prices I loose on pricing in the future.
They do not seem like a bad company just limited in customer service this time when I had the problem.

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