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STAY AWAY THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE & THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY. I searched the internet looking for a place to sell my gold at as close to spot as possible and heard great reviews about SD Bullion from comments left on various websites etc. So I decided to try them out. I call up and speak with Brien or Brianna I forget whatever her name is (side note: there's two csr who work there briana and another guy, ask to speak to the other guy, brianas a complete waste of time) and sell her my 1 oz OPM gold bar, shes says it will take 1 to 2 business days to evaluate it and 1 to 2 business days for me to receive payment as I paid to have an wire transfer done and not a physical check sent to me. I call in and check on the status of my payment 6 business days in, from the initial sale. She says :"another 2 business days". ok, maybe there busy, idk, I wait another 4 business days, now I'm 10 business days in. I call her again. she says :"it will be another 2 business days, sorry for the inconvenience". IT IS NOW 12 DAYS , let me say that again, 12 BUSINESS DAYS LATER and I still have yet to receive my payment. By the way, Its only 1- 1OZ GOLD BAR, 1 piece, which adds insult to injury. I called back Brien, to check the status today, the 12th day ,: she says "her financial team sent an ACH payment not a wire transfer, sorry, it will another day or 2 and you should see it in your account". I said "well I want my money back for the wire transfer because you sent a ACH, I wanted a wire". She said "there's nothing she can do as the payment was entered into the system already". I asked to speak to the manager and he hid, he wouldn't even come to the phone. Incredible. Its 12 BUSINESS DAYS in, and I still haven't received my payment. Stay away from this company they provide terrible customer service, and don't follow through with THEIR terms of agreement, its THEIR TERMS, and string you along with excuses, as to why you haven't received your purchase or sale. I'm holding on for hope that I didn't get scammed that's why I'm waiting so long.

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