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I ordered on December 30th. Sent a check and payment was received on January 3rd. Check cleared my bank January .6th. But called to complain what's the hold up. They said I have to wait 5 business cause they hold the check to make sure it cleared. I advised the representative that the check already cleared the bank but refused to check and take my word for it. On January 9th got a notification they will package it. Called again a rep on the 10th in morning and the rep said it could take 3 to 5 more days to package my items. I was not happy. I called later that day on the 10th at the end of the day and told them I was not happy with this situation. This make rep was very nice and said he would put a rush out on sending my order out but nothing can be fine until the 11th of January but advised me he would keep track of my order and monitor it. The situation has became very clear to me that Provident Metels has some serious lack man power issues in their shipping department and is having trouble keeping up shipping out their orders in a timely manner. I saved $30 writing a check out plus had to spend an extra $2.90 for a signature confirmation plus free shipping. I am still very upset with the delays. Even if they manage to ship out my stuff it will take and extra 3 or 4 mores days before I receive my items. Granted we had a New Years holiday but 16 days delayed shipping is totally unacceptable. Yes it's true that Provident Metals offers the best prices out there but their shipping is slow as molasses. I assume that the rumors are true and they have approximately 15 employees as reported by other services compared to Apmex that has 100'employees. I am started to regret not using a visa debit card for this transaction. It seems like all the precious metal companies are taking advantage against customers using their credit card and it seems more like a penalty fee for having an instant confirmed payment done. I get the strong impression that they want to hold your checks longer for interest reasons. Im jump not a happy customer right now. I might take a chance and give them one more chance but this time using my credit card. I'm still waiting for my merchandise.

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