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Great first time experience

I have only dealt with MCM coins one time, and very recently. I wanted to order a recent-mintage Libertad in order to add to my world coin collection. In my particular local area, few coin shops had them, and those that did had them for unreasonable prices. After scouring the internet and finding similarly outrageous prices- or just as bad, a sound price but exorbitant ‘handling’ and shipping fees (which seem to be common with the more popular bullion sites)- I reluctantly turned to eBay.

I generally don’t like to use eBay – I don’t like bidding as a rule and most of the time the ‘Buy-it-now” prices are jacked up. But MCM seemed like it had a very reasonable price relative to spot and the popularity of the Libertad. Best of all, shipping was free.

I HATE to pay for shipping. That makes or breaks a sale for me in all honesty.

So I pay for the coin via PayPal and I get an auto-confirmation. Now, this is the only point in the whole experience that *could* be improved – I got very little initial communication from the buyer. I got said communication within a reasonable amount of time comparative to the purchase date so it’s not a deterrent for me personally, but very little interaction overall. Shipping was slow but I knew that up front (and I’m fine with slower shipping if I don’t have to pay for it!) The package was securely wrapped and the coin itself was encased in an almost impenetrable sarcophagus of thick cardboard.

The coin itself was absolutely gorgeous! To be fair it was a 2014 and I would EXPECT it to be so, but it was just about a perfect non-proof specimen as one can get. I am very pleased with my purchase and I am sure to frequent MCM in the future.

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