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Fast, Reliable & Competitive

I first found MCM on eBay about 3 years ago and that is where I bought my first coin from them. I received my coin in about 4 days (they are in Florida, I'm in California). It was exactly what they advertised and I had no problem from A-Z.

MCM has a very large range of products, both raw uncertified coins to MS/PR/PF graded coins. Their premiums are a bit high, my opinion, but for that you know you're getting a genuine and legitimate precious metal coin.

I've also bought from APMEX, and if forced to choose, I would buy from MCM every time. I think APMEX has extremely high premiums and the only time I had to deal with their customer service, it was not a good experience. When I had to call MCM about an order, their customer service was fantastic. The rep was very nice and did everything I could have hoped for. MCM has amazing customer service.

You won't be disappointed making a precious metal purchase from MCM.

Thank you,
Monte Cristo

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