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MCM is fairly popular, mainly on Ebay. I image they process a lot of orders and maybe I was just unlucky. Either way, I can't recommend them. For one, their prices aren't that great, especially when you order from them on Ebay. Their shipping time is about average and their CS is about average. The issue I have is that the two rolls of Morgan silver dollar rounds I ordered from them were beat up; they didn't have dings in them, it just looked like they had been grinding against each other for a couple of years. The face of each round had a rub spot in the middle, and there were silver shards on the bottom of the roll case. The edges felt sharp in spots, like a can after you open it with a can opener. They definitely didn't check these rolls; and I know they're not supposed to be in perfect condition, but I don't think these rounds were even saleable except for scrap.

I should have sent them back but I didn't want to bother, and I ended up selling them to someone that didn't care what they looked like. That order definitely put me off from ordering from MCM again (plus, their prices suck), and if I ever buy from a big company on ebay again, I will just stick with Silvertowne.

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