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A month and a half ago I wanted to purchase gold using Bitcoin due to the discount. I tried purchasing 50 grams of gold and the payment wasn't received in time. I then called JM Buillion about the issue and they stated that they do not see the payment and it isn't their issue. I had to infact get in touch with Bitpay, who is their payment processor. The total was over 2100 dollars that was just lost. I told them that I since I made the purchase through their site, they should have to deal with this issue. I was then told that this has happened before and people have lost a lot more. That statement blew my mind. It came clear to me that they clearly didn't care. I then tried getting in touch with Bitpay who has no phone number. All communication had to be done through email, which was extremely frustrating. Well long story short, they stated that there was no such transaction and the money was still in my wallet. Well obviously I could see that .85 Bitcoin was gone from my wallet. I came to the conclusion that .85 Bitcoin was stolen from me and JM Buillion just received .85 Bitcoin and no gold needed to be sent to me. Today I checked my email and saw that they finally found the payment and that it would be refunded. Well, it isn't the .85 Bitcoin being refunded, which is worth well over 3500 dollars at this point, but just the 2110 dollars it was worth at the time. Do not use Bitcoin to purchase the precious metals and of you do prepare to loose it and in return get treated like you are a lyer.

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