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JM Bullion Sucks

This outfit seemed to have decent reviews so I sent them a check for 200 Walking Liberty half dollars. After waiting for TWENTY DAYS, my order finally arrived, FOUR HALVES SHORT. I phoned, talked to some guy who offered no help or apology, said some woman who was in charge of that was "in a meeting" but would email me when she got out. Riiiight. No email. Still wanting to hear an apology, I told this guy that they have coin counter machines and shipping an order 4 coins short is incredibly sloppy. That's when I heard the hostility in his voice, which confirmed my already strong suspicions that this outfit is a bunch of crooks. They skimmed off an extra profit. I mean, how the hell is it even possible to not send exactly what a customer orders, if you have your act together?

These people want you to provide a backup credit card and agree to let them charge you if you back out of the deal. Northwest Territorial Mint does the same thing, and when I sent them a check for some silver bars, they emailed me back that they would ship in Two And A Half Months. So I stopped payment and belatedly checked the online reviews of them, which are terrible.

I also sent a check, and they shipped exactly what I ordered as soon as the check cleared and DID NOT REQUIRE A BACKUP CREDIT CARD. So guess who will be the only bullion seller I buy from, from now on. Buy from JM Bullion at your OWN RISK.

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