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Very Satisfied with JMBullion

I have made a few purchases from JMBullion and thus far am quite satisfied. You can't beat the free shipping. That is one of the draw backs to some other dealers. I've made purchases from others and sometimes end up paying $20-$40 for shipping. That eats up a lot of potential profit. I find Their prices are quite fair. They have a great selection of coins/metals available. The ordering process is quite is VERY EASY to place an order and they keep you informed on the order status.

JMBullion ships quickly. I usually receive my shipment in two days though one shipment took a couple more. No big deal. I contacted customer service to check on the order and they provided me with the detailed shipping information...received the order the next day. It had been held up at the post office.

As for quality, I am fairly new at this but to MY eye the quality seems just fine...if you order the proper quantity they are shipped in tubes, otherwise they are shipped in individual small zip lock bags which is fine by me...I just store them in my safe anyway.

Bottom Line...I have purchased from JMBullion and as long as all things remain the same, they are my primary source for precious metals. I HIGHLY recommend them, especially for those just getting into the purchase of precious metals.

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