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Best prices and quality is usually good.

J.M. Bullion is the best Company to buy precious metals from. Find rounds or coins that have been good to you and stick with them. Most look worse than their pictures but...what do you do. Returns get hit with a $30 or $35 dollar fee to restock, and the buyer has to pay to ship them back. So once you order them your stuck with them unless your in the business of losing money. If you stick with on sale items expect a little more damage or milking but thats why their on sale. Regular priced items come in better condition usually but still at times are so/so. Every time I order on sale items I open the boxes with excitement only to find out that yet again they look kinda nice. Its just silver so buy the rounds unless you buy complete tubes that are factory sealed and they say that they come factory sealed. They can still get in but chances are they weren't cherry picked. They say they don't cherry pick them but I don't ever believe anything like that. Don't ever order Maple Leafs! They always look like shit. Stick with Sunshine rounds or other rounds in general and you'll be somewhat satisfied. And for coins get factory sealed tubes. I gave customer support a 4 but I haven't felt the need to call them as I would be losing money big time on returns

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