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Hanging Up on a Client

Wednesday November 23, 2016 @ +/- 3pm. Called JM Bullion to inquire about Next Day Air Free Upgrade for a 1oz. Gold Buffalo Coin. Since it was no longer advertised on their web page, I thought I'd call. Well, when I called, a male rep answered the phone, did his canned greeting speech. When I asked about whether Next Day Air Free Upgrade might still be available, he stammered a little as if he was distracted from something, and said (and I quote!) "Yeah, if you spend a $1000 or more, you can get that". Then, he hung up the phone. Just like that!
So, I bought a 1oz Gold Buffalo Coin from Modern Coin Mart for $30 less than JM Bullion the same day. I sent JMB a message explaining my unhappiness, since I have purchased 4 Gold 1 oz Coins from them last year alone. I attached my receipt for the purchase to show them I did purchase the coin, just not from them. Their rep never gave me nor offered the chance to place an order! Who trains these rep???? Today, November 29, 2016 I purchased a 1oz Gold Eagle from Modern Coin Mart for $35 less than JMB, and again sent them the receipt showing the purchase and another order they lost from a rep who decided to hang up on a long time client.
I write this because they have shown that they do not take care of clients, and still today they have not answered any e-mails, with the exception that I could send the product back if I wasn't happy!!!

Modern Coin Mart called me Monday after Thanksgiving to thank me for the order. Nothing but crickets from JM Bullion.

They used to be a good outfit about 5 years ago. But, seems they are growing a bit too big for their britches, and will start to lose regular buying clients, like me, who have decided to walk away from this company.

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