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Couldn't help but right a review on the reviews. I'll be honest... I haven't purchased from JM Bullion to date. Nor will I after reading the reviews. Reason is.... I do my home work before I buy. That includes reading the reviews on the companies I do business with. From what I've read, to include a phone call to their "help" line to answer "any" question you might have..... I won't do business with them. The individual I spoke with apparently wasn't up to speed on the produces offered online. Also... the fact that the guy couldn't form a sentence. In fact... I had a few "odd" moments on the phone where I was expecting the guy to say, or complete his thought process. Ahhhhh...... was about what I got. My first impression dealing with JM Bullion on the phone... not very favorable. My "gut" feeling is... Find someone else to order from. Something didn't feel right about the whole thing.... and unlike some individuals whom spent good money on poor products..... I'm not going to spend a nickel on anything from JM Bullion. It's one thing to have a couple of bad reviews for poor service or poor quality products. It's another to see it split down the middle with very bad and marginally good reviews. I want to thank all of you for leaving what I expect to be honest reviews. I'll keep looking for another company with some integrity. It seems the JM Bullion isn't one of them.

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