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On 26 May 2016 in the hour of 1400, I called JM Bullion to ask about details given on their website. I would like to buy metals however I do my diligence to make sure there is someone responsible to complain to if I have problems. The address given on their website appears to be fake, though this could be a Google error also so I called. When speaking to the employee he refused to provide a valid Corporate address, was rude and confrontational and hung up on me when asked for a supervisor whom could answer my questions if he was not allowed to. I was not asking for their physical location of their metals, but when you post and "Official" Corporate address on a website where you are selling products that could result in several thousands of dollars, it should probably be accurate.

The location given appears to be a parking lot. There is no one whom claims responsibility for a bad order, fake metals or a lost order as they claim to be an ecommerce company only. How is it that BBB has endorsed this practice? All I want is some who claims responsibility in the event that fake metals are shipped to me. As it is right now, all avenues of finding such a person appear to be false.

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