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JM Bullion Scam

Do not use JM Bullion, I repeat DO NOT USE THEM! I've done three orders with them total, the first two orders were deleyed about a month due to them switching facilities. But that's understandable, I won't hold that against them. My problem with them is I never received my third order, if it was a few hundred dollars I would'nt have been too concerned, but it was not a few hundred dollars, it was about $5,300 worth of silver bars and silver dollars. All of which I never receieved.
Here's how it went, the first shipment got lost in shipping which isnt suprising with them, so since itwas covered by insurance and I made a claim they sent out another order. This order didnt come in either, I went to the UPS facility and they said they never recieved it. I called JM Bullion and they said it shouldve arrived. I contacted UPS again and they looked into it, they called me up and said just call up JM Bullion and they'll take care of it. I got back with them, and the same process repeated itself. I never receieved my shipment and never will. Customer service won't even try to help because the ones ive dealt with are crooked juist like the comany itself which is why they probably got hired in the first place.
So for your own benefit, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF ORDERING FROM JM BULLION. They will find some way to screw you within the law, nothing but prefessional con artists, thats all.

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