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Gainesville coin Co.

This company happens to I have a wide variety of precious metal bullion bars and coins. However, when I placed my order, the item was not shipped until several days later causing a delay in the normal realm of delivery time. So, I decided to call the company and talk to a man that, through his voice, I could tell had a rather short fuse. More than likely because he has probably had to answer these questions many times prior to my call. I asked him why my package had not been delivered yet and, he informed me that I had not received it because it had not yet shipped and, that the time delay was due to their shipping process. When I received my items, I did not receive the quality of item that was pictured on the website. The picture shows a Flawless example of the item. I ended up receiving my items with fingerprints all over them. I give them three of five stars. They had lost a star with me due to the rather uncomfortable feeling I received from the man on the phone and the other Star as a result of fingerprints on my items.

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