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Coins Shipped Late, but Still Fine

I made my silver purchase on new year's eve from Gainesville coins. The estimated ship date for my order was January 9th, so I waited. I waited for over a week past the 9th and my order had still not shipped. A lot of dealers were back ordered at the time, so I wasn't too concerned that it was taking longer than expected. However, I emailed customer service on the 18th to check on my order and it turns out they didn't have the coins in their vault. They said they would order them, get them the next day, and ship them to me when they got them with overnight shipping for free. The extra wait didn't really bother me, so I replied and told them they didn't have to upgrade my shipping and instead they could give me free shipping on my next order (they save money, I save money, and they get my business again) or that a free ounce would be nice. I never got a response to that email. Also, I didn't get my package on it's first delivery because it was delivered via UPS and not USPS like it was originally and had to wait until Monday to catch the second delivery, so the overnight shipping was a waste anyways. When I finally got my package, everything was in great condition and they even threw in a 1oz Guy Harvey Blue Marlin proof coin ($40+ on their website, but I doubt many people would buy it for anywhere near that). All in all, I got a free ounce and had to wait about three weeks to get my order, which really doesn't matter much to me. I would shop at Gainesville again (if they had a coin I want at the lowest price,which is why I went there in the first place. Their half ounce perth goats were the cheapest out of anyone else even when paying with a credit card). I hope more of my orders get messed up in the future if it gets me free silver.

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